Reading Project with Judith Brotman

Feb 11, 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Artist Judith Brotman invites ten participants to read aloud to her. The only stipulation is they choose a text that is personally meaningful to them. The selected texts are revealed as read by each guest, creating impromptu juxtapositions and textual interconnections. Each participant will read for ten minutes. Conversation and cake will follow. All are welcome to listen to the readings and then join the conversation.

Judith Brotman is an artist and educator from Chicago. Her work has included mixed media installations and theatrical immersive environments which occupy a space between sculpture and drawing. Recent work also includes language/text based conceptual projects which are meditations on the possibility of transformation. The Reading Project stems from her interests in the impact of the written and spoken word and the complex nature of human motivations.


From the exhibition “The Tip of My Tongue”