Truth, Knowledge, and the Power of Storytelling

Mar 12, 6:30PM – 8:00PM

This event is cancelled due to concerns about the coronavirus. We will let you know if and when if has been rescheduled.

In the age of fake news and heightened political tension, many Americans have lost faith in the media and question the role and impact of journalism. They are increasingly turning to partisan sources of information, yet free societies depend on unbiased news and information to monitor and question those in power. In this era, how can community-powered journalism help us parse fact from fiction and create authentic trust and understanding among different perspectives?

Join WBEZ's arts and culture reporter Carrie Shepard for an interactive experience. This event highlights the gallery's current exhibition, Return to the Everywhere, and features self-reflective and participatory exercises by Imagination Theater and a conversation about truth and community-powered journalism with:

Michele Kanaar, Creative Director of Borderless Magazine

Judith McCray, Executive Director of Juneteenth Productions and Adjunct Professor at DePaul University's College of Communication

Justine Tobiasz, WBEZ's Media Archivist

Doors open at 5:45pm so guests have time to experience Return to the Everywhere and speak to exhibiting artists Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson, Sonnenzimmer, and Sadie Woods about their work.

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From the exhibition “Return to the Everywhere”