WARNING: Tracers screening

May 26, 6:00PM – 9:00PM

In collaboration with Tracers, Weinberg/Newton Gallery presents WARNING, a screening of moving image works surveying a history of abortion. As the conversation around abortion in the public sphere comes in and out of focus we are reminded that the argument against a women’s right to choose is a constant crusade. As time unfolds, the debate may side-step or employ new tactics of oppression. What does a history of oppression against women tell us about the future we are fighting for?

This screening is a part of the programming for Your body is a battleground in partnership with Personal PAC.

Tracers is a radical initiative dedicated to social justice and lawlessness.
Tracers proposes and promotes self-determination as a civil right.
Tracers is for EVERYONE.
Tracers is the revolution.

From the exhibition “Your body is a battleground”