Open Engagement Events

Apr 21, 1:00PM – 6:00PM

From 1-3PM at Weinberg/Newton Gallery, join Open Engagement and gallery representatives for a walk-through of our exhibition, In Acts. The exhibition forwards the perspectives of locally- and internationally-engaged artists whose work questions how creative labor can widen the vistas of advancing human rights. The exhibition is in association with the forthcoming summit What is an Artistic Practice of Human Rights? that will take place at the University of Chicago.

Afterward, from 4-6PM, head to the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago for an event co-organized by In Acts artist Laurie Jo Reynolds and Lynne Johnson, titled: We Shouldn't Have Policies We Are Afraid to Talk About: A Symposium on Public Crime Registries.

The symposium will take place at: 
Lobby, School of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago
969 E. 60th Street | Chicago, IL 60637

Find symposium details here.

From the exhibition “In Acts”